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Leading from the front is our motto, and we are living up to it by providing SOC as a service and Website Hosting Security that gives us leadership status over other cybersecurity providers. Ransom Data Guard’s security solution not only focuses on detecting probable threats but also focuses on eliminating them for good. Cybercriminals stay at a distance when Ransom Data Guard’s security solutions are on your devices.

Turn any file into a PDF-like experience, allowing you to share un-editable, secured files. Guard your data wherever it goes. When collaboration is needed, edit with coworkers and clients in a secure environment.

Secure a Chain of Data Custody


Chain of data custody should be maintained to ensure admissibility and evidence integrity. Clients utilizing Data Guard are able to fulfill chain of custody requirements with complete transparency and auditability of file activity. AI-powered sensors capture and log events such as who accessed a file, at what time, and whether a file was modified, downloaded and/or shared.


We focus on assisting our clients in the best way possible. Avail cybersecurity services, and that too in due time. After subscribing, clients can protect their critical assets through fully integrated SOCVault dashboards in just 24 hours. The clients will receive the desired SOC solutions by opting for the best cybersecurity services.


Automated artificial intelligence sensors recognize cyberthreats allowing Data Guard to take action before malicious actors can attack and gain access to your files. The latest security technologies work behind the scenes.


Automatic and instantaneous recovery of all your protected files is only one-click away. Secure your data with cloud backups protected by quantum-resilient encryption. Reset your computer to before an attack. It’s like rewinding time.


If they can see it, they will attack it. Block ransomware and other cyberthreats from locking your photos, videos, and personal data and demanding payment. Hide your files from ransomware and proactively fight threats at every stage of the attack chain to ensure that your files are always protected.

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How does Data Guard protect against ransomware?

Data Guard takes a proactive approach to defending against ransomware by ensuring that your data always remains safe. Unlike other solutions, Data Guard does not operate “after the hack” nor require user interaction / IT oversight.

Does Data Guard work on Macs?

Documents can be shared with any platform such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Ubuntu. Data Guard will also have clients on Mac OS, Debian and Linux by the end of this summer.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware (trojan or other virus) utilized by malicious actors to extort money from individuals, businesses, and governments. While many types of ransomware exist, a typical attack encrypts a victim’s data and displaying instructions how to pay a ransom payment – usually in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Ransomware is not cheap and there is no guarantee for success in decryption.

In fact, while cybercriminals promise to provide a decryption key upon payment of the ransom – 40% of victims who pay unfortunately never regain access to their data.

Who is behind ransomware attacks?

Ransomware has become an enormous business perpetrated by both organized crime and nation-state actors.

Organized criminals are motivated by extorting as much money as possible. Increasingly they distribute their malware as ransomware kits that anyone can use – even if they don’t have much technical expertise. The ransomware as a service (RaaS) model sadly has been very effective at spreading malicious software. The criminals facilitate the payments and decryptions while taking a percentage of the collected ransom.

How do I decrypt my files?

The majority of popular ransomware strains utilize such strong encryption that decrypting files is unfortunately not possible. In limited cases, older ransomware families (Rakhni, Agent.iih, Aura, and a few others) have decryptors available.

I have anti-virus software. Am I protected?

The simple answer is no. While some anti-virus solutions protect against older versions of ransomware, this protection is done “after the hack”. The only way to defeat ransomware is to not allow it to take hold of your files in the first place.

Our Incomparable SOC Solution

We are adamant about providing our clients in the best way possible. They are served with the top-notch cybersecurity strategies integrated in the SOCVault dashboards. These dashboards will be available for a clients in 24 hours after a successful subscription—experience cybersecurity services like nonother with our consolidated SIEM as a service infused with AI-driven features. Human efforts along with machine learning tactics help solve major data breach issues.

Don’t Be  A Victim

Every 5 seconds there is a ransomware attack. 40% of victims who pay a ransom never regain access to their data. Don’t be a victim.



Don’t be a victim. You can fight ransomware.